Making merchants more profitable

Autopilot is developed by a team of eCommerce & data nerds to make
brand operations for digital-first retailers easier, better, and more profitable.

The origins of Autopilot

The autopilot was invented for the aviation industry in 1914. Once a pilot brings a plane up in the air, they switch to autopilot until it’s time to land again. The autopilot steers, optimizes, and routes the aircraft. On autopilot, the flight path can be optimized for speed, fuel consumption, or flight routes. 

An Autopilot for eCommerce merchants

We function much like the autopilot in aviation, just for eCommerce brands. Once new products are launched, they enable them on Autopilot which assists in an increasing amount of tasks. At that point, we are the easiest way for merchants. 

From profitability to independence

To make brands constantly more profitable, we are expanding the use cases that our Brand Operations AI is trained on. This will yield growth on the various platforms, improved margins - and greater independence for merchants to delight consumers across the globe.

A team that turns data into profitable outcomes

Our team is a diverse mix of experiences - from the experience of building & operating brands on Amazon and Shopify to data and AI platforms expertise. From serial entrepreneurs creating communities of hundreds of thousands of users to leading the development on Seller Central for Amazon for 5+ years.

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