Analyze and be accounting ready

Combining data across platforms, brands, and accounts - and making sure they you have a profit view for each product is a daunting task. We allow you to analyze the value of the business across platforms as a whole while also being able to dig into the drivers of growth behind each individual product. All with accounting-quality financial data.

Features & capabilities to make this easy:

Business valuation
Category benchmarks
Real-time alerts with profit impact
Product-level Profit & Loss Statement
Combined views for Amazon & Shopify
Data exports & integrations

Product-level Profit and Loss Analysis

Dig into a full currency-converted Profit & Loss Statement - with brand, product & marketplace filter combined across markets and connected accounts.

Business performance tracking

Track your performance: Weekly, Monthly, Annual - with detailed business valuation and KPI scoring.

Export & integrate data for further analysis

Whether it is push data into data warehouses (such as Google BigQuery, AWS Redshift, or Snowflake), extracing data via csv, or providing financial events to NetSuite. Our system supports a number of integrations.

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