Identify growth opportunities

Actions are prioritized by profit-impact - this helps identify which SKUs and functions need your attention most to realize profit growth.

Features & capabilities to make this easy:

Autopilot automation
Category benchmarks
Real-time alerts with profit impact
Product-level Profit & Loss Statement

Profit-impact alerts to action on opportunities

Alerts & automations to increase views, increase conversion, & drive new ad campaigns.

Benchmark against category performance

Operational benchmarks and quality scores help evaluate the uplift potential for each product and market.

Stay focused on profit drivers

Identify profit drivers, track rising stars in your product portfolio - and those products with high customer lifetime value. Brand operations are skyrocketing in complexity with each new SKU, staying focused on what drives your success is key.

Make more profit with Autopilot

Start with comprehensive insights for free

Activate optimizations to scale

Track and benchmark your day-to-day performance