Expand margins

As your SKU numbers grow, the complexity to optimize your business from day to day skyrockets. Our automations help you identify and win back critical margin points that help you realize higher profits.

Features & capabilities to make this easy:

Product-level Profit & Loss Statement
Real-time alerts with profit impact
Daily, weekly & monthly analytics

Real-time profit alerting

Leverage real-time profit alerts across all areas of day to day operations. From critical changes such as inactive listings or out of stock risk — to margin-eroding changes such as ACOS increases or conversion rate drops.

Act on margin opportunities

Opportunities are quantified by profit impact. Take action to increase your margin in regards to a broad set of skills including ad efficiency, fulfillment and product mix.

Product-level profitability deep dive

Analyze profit margins, product by product -  market by market. With a comprehensive set of filters and reports you can dig deep into the product-level performance on a daily, weekly, monthly and yearly level.

Make more profit with Autopilot

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