Customize workflows & reporting

Feed useful data and alerts into other systems to customize actions along with your tools and standard operating procedures.

Features & capabilities to make this easy:

Real-time alerts with profit impact
Product-level Profit & Loss Statement
Combined views for Amazon & Shopify
Data exports & integrations

Build on top of real-time events and clean data tables

Whether it is push data into data warehouses (such as Google BigQuery, AWS Redshift, or Snowflake), extracing data via csv, or providing financial events to NetSuite ERP. Our system supports a number of integrations.

Product-level report downloads

Download product-level profitability reports for further custom analysis in Excel.

Accelerate workflows across your toolstack

Automate workflows with integrations into 100s of apps including Slack, Asana, rello, Jira & Airtable.

Make more profit with Autopilot

Start with comprehensive insights for free

Activate optimizations to scale

Track and benchmark your day-to-day performance