64% Organic Page View Lift on Long Tail Listings on Autopilot - A Starlight Success Story

Christian Umbach


Starlight, an experienced operator in the Amazon marketplace and a part of the Olsam Group, faced a significant challenge. They were given the task to manage a long tail of 3,000 Amazon listings that were not optimized - listings that featured short titles, low keyword density, brief bullet points, and often no search terms. With thousands of listings to update, the task was expected to take over 5,000 hours, which was incredibly daunting. 

Choosing Autopilot

Initially, Starlight was exploring a low-cost content team to optimize the top listings but even that wouldn’t resolve the entire problem and cost a lot of time and money. They had recently heard how others were leveraging automation so they chose to test Autopilot's Automated Product Listing Optimization. The implementation was fast and seamless, only requiring an easy-to-set-up connection with Autopilot's app on the Amazon store and linking their SP & Ad API accounts. 

The Impact of Optimization:

  • Growing Organic Page Views: After implementing Autopilot, organic daily page views started to soar. They experienced an average daily lift of approximately 64% (vs the daily average in the prior 6 weeks to optimization) across the optimized listings. 
  • Sales Performance: The effects on page views were evident. Among the 150 updated listings, 129 listings exhibited a considerable increase in organic page views. 
  • Delivering Growth: Across all listings with more than one unit sold per day on average, the organic page view increase ranged between 27% and 138% (compared to the previous 6 week average) in the weeks following the updae

Using Autopilot's eCommerce tool transformed our approach to product operations. In just 3 days, we noticed a significant lift in our listing performance. The results were astounding — despite some out of stock issues in the portfolio, we saw a 64% organic page view lift.

-- Fraser Christie, General Manager at Starlight

KPI Highlights

  • Time-to-impact: 3 days
  • Avg Daily Organic Page View lift: +64% 
  • Impact Range for >1 unit/sales per day products: 27%-136% page view increase


For Starlight, Autopilot's eCommerce tool was more than just a software solution. It was a strategy enabler, allowing them to unlock the potential of their Amazon listings and elevate their business performance on the Amazon marketplace.