Unlocking Your Amazon Store’s Full Potential: Autopilot’s Revolutionary Autopilot-Mode

Christian Umbach


Every Amazon merchant knows the grind: optimize your listings, track the results, adjust, and repeat and in years past, that annual listing optimization mega-project was effective and enough. However,  in today’s overcrowded and ultra-competitive environment, the once-a-year listing optimization is just not cutting it anymore. New merchants are coming on daily and existing merchants are optimizing more frequently, changing the rules of the game hourly. How do you keep up?  That’s where Autopilot comes in, introducing a transformative approach: Sellers simply enroll their ASINs and watch as their listings lift off.

The Problem with Current Tools

Navigating the Amazon Jungle

Amazon merchants are no strangers to tools and software aimed at enhancing their store's performance. For years, merchants have relied on tools there to measure quality and evaluate your “ranking juice”. Those tools are great, if you are ready to optimize your listing one by one. Overall, these tools require substantial time and effort, from updating keywords to analyzing performance reports—a task that can take 2-3 hours per listing to get it right, even with the market leading tools available.

The Cognitive Overload

In the whirlwind of daily tasks such as inventory management, product development, and advertising, listing optimization often takes a backseat. After all, there is just so much to optimize. Yet, leaving your ASINs without regular attention means leaving money on the table, especially as new opportunities emerge, like those presented at Amazon’s recent unBoxed conference.

The Future of Tools for Amazon Merchants

Meet Your Autonomous Agents

Enter the era of autonomous agents: tools that don’t just assist but take action on your behalf. These agents are programmed with a clear mission, whether that's optimizing your listing, refining your product mix, or adjusting your ad spend, they are your silent partners in success.

Autopilot in Action

What does this mean in practice? For a start, imagine having a dedicated expert constantly tweaking your listings for optimal performance, targeting areas you might not even be aware of. From the backend search terms to the A+ content, no stone is left unturned.

Learning from the Ad World

The advertising realm is no stranger to this revolution. Leaders in the Amazon Ads space have already embraced AI, moving beyond rule-based approaches to provide end-to-end automation. Autopilot is bringing this level of sophistication to every aspect of your Amazon store.

Autopilot's Full Autopilot-Mode Unveiled

Filling the Automation Gap

Autopilot-mode is not just a tool; it's a new way of operationalizing your business and doing more with less. Connecting a brand and selecting your target ASINs for enrollment is all it takes to start experiencing the Autopilot difference. From there, the ongoing listing optimization ensures that your products are consistently presented in the best light possible. 

A Proven Success

The numbers speak for themselves. Since launching our listing optimization capabilities a few months ago, brands under Autopilot’s wing have seen impressive results. Organic page views and conversion rates have soared, and profits have followed suit. Merchants that have adopted this already, experience a 14- 21% organic lift.

Enrolling Made Easy

Ready to take the plunge? The process is straightforward: connect your brand, select your ASINs, and let Autopilot do the rest. It’s that easy.

What to Expect from Autopilot

Lifting the Underperformers

Lower quality listings often underutilize available resources. Characters of titles and bullets are underutilized, description and backend search terms are missing. Autopilot ensures that every aspect of your listing is optimized, resulting in immediate improvements and noticeable lifts.

Boosting the Best Sellers

Your top ASINs deserve constant attention. With search behavior and Amazon’s algorithms in constant flux, Autopilot ensures that your best sellers are always in tune with the market, driving continuous organic lift.

Enhancing ACOS and Profits

Better organic rankings and higher conversion rates mean more efficient ads and, ultimately, higher profits. Autopilot ensures that your store is always performing at its best, despite the changes going on around it

Safety and Compliance Guaranteed

With various automated checks and a human-in-the-loop system, Autopilot guarantees full compliance with Amazon’s Terms of Service, ensuring that your listings are not just optimized, but also safe.

Proven Impact and Case Studies

Average Lifts and Extreme Successes

On average, brands under Autopilot’s care see at least a 17% lift in organic page views. And for some brands the results have been even more staggering, with lifts as high as 64%.

The 10,000 Listings Challenge

Think your brand’s listings are too many for Autopilot to handle? Think again. We’re confident that we can drive organic lift across 10,000 listings within a week. That’s the Autopilot promise.


Doing business on  Amazon has evolved and merchants need to keep up or be left behind. For those looking to win: Autopilot is more than just a tool; it’s a partner in your Amazon journey. With full automation, consistent optimization, and proven results, there’s no reason not to give Autopilot-mode a try. Enroll your ASINs today and watch as your Amazon store reaches new heights.

FAQs Section

How Does Autopilot’s Automation Work?

Our approach combines daily, profit-impact based alerts for each ASIN with a robust keyword bank built up from various Amazon sources. When an alert fires, a new, optimized listing is generated, ready to boost your performance. The listing is safely pushed through Amazon’s APIs - and of course there’s monitoring for that as well. 

Is Autopilot Safe to Use?

With automated safety checks and a human-in-the-loop system, Autopilot ensures full compliance with Amazon’s Terms of Service, making it a safe choice for merchants of all sizes.

How Quickly Can I See Results?

Results start showing in as little as three days, with more reliable and noticeable impacts visible after 10 days of enrollment.

What Support is Available?

Autopilot offers live customer support, ensuring that you have the help you need, whenever you need it. Join us and  take your Amazon store to the next level.

Is a revenue lift guaranteed?

We are certain about an organic lift in page views that we are contributing with Autopilot. Revenue lift requires inventory in place and consistent pricing to ensure.

Ready to try it out?

Sign up today and get started by enrolling your ASINs into Autopilot-mode.