Elevating The Fidget Game with Autopilot for Amazon: 26% revenue uplift through automations make Brandi accelerate her mission

Christian Umbach


The Fidget Game is not just a venture but a passion project of Brandi, a fervent advocate for enriching children's education with hard science-backed toys. Selling on Amazon and Direct-to-Customer (DTC) through her Shopify store for over two years, they've thrived with their commitment to quality and innovation. However, like many ambitious ventures and brands, they encountered challenges related to Amazon complexities, fees and data visibility. 

The Visionary Behind The Fidget Game

Brandi's journey began with a vision to revolutionize learning toys. Grounded in hard science, she aimed to create products that truly impact children's development. As she is growing her business & launching new products, Brandi knows the importance of reliable numbers and efficient operations.

Challenges Faced

Despite her passion and unique offerings, Brandi faced obstacles in harnessing Amazon optimization tools such as JungleScout or Helium10, particularly around data-driven decision making for Amazon fees and their DTC platform. The intricacies of adjusting listing content across multiple regions added further layers of complexity.


Keen on leveraging Amazon seller tools, Brandi sought to harness Autopilot for increased transparency, profitability analysis, and revenue growth. She envisioned a system where actionable insights from Autopilot would play a pivotal role in realizing profit growth and ultimately her venture’s full potential.

Solution with Autopilot for Amazon

Autopilot, with its suite of Amazon profitability tools, became Brandi's secret weapon. From proactive alerting, automated execution, to gamified listing suggestions, Autopilot transformed her approach. This platform, turning opportunities into actions and elevating revenues and profits daily, ensured that Brandi increased her profits while also winning back time. 

Brandi's experience encapsulates the power of Autopilot:

"Autopilot gamifies my ability to elevate revenues and profits daily. As a games entrepreneur, I naturally love that. The platform bridges data gaps, offers automations, and turns opportunities into actions."

Rapid Expansion & Product Launches

Using Autopilot's insights, The Fidget Game embarked on a journey of rapid expansion. With 10 new product launches already under their belt this year, and plans for 10 more this fall, time savings enabled by Autopilot's automation led to in-depth research and seamless incorporation of these products without extending operational hours.

Advanced Alerts & Indicators with Autopilot

With Autopilot's advanced alerts, Brandi received real-time insights on unprofitable products, conversion rates benchmarks down to subcategories, and crucial details on stock management and Advertising Cost of Sale (ACOS). One of the standout features of Autopilot is its proactive alert system. Rather than being reactive, The Fidget Game was empowered to stay one step ahead, thanks to these sophisticated alerts:

1. Poor Listing Quality Alerts: Detects and notifies about listings that may not meet optimal quality standards, ensuring products are presented in the best light.
2. Keyword-rich Listing Content Opportunities: Scans for opportunities to integrate more keyword-rich content into listings, enhancing visibility and relevance.
3. Degrading Sales Rank Alerts: Monitors sales rank patterns, alerting users when there's a consistent drop, signaling the need for listing updates and keyword refreshes.
4. Listing Update Recommendations: Based on the combination of poor listing quality, keyword opportunities, and degrading sales rank patterns, Autopilot suggests timely updates to optimize listings.

In addition to those listing alerts, Autopilot also provides a range of benchmarks and alerts around inventory, advertising, and profitability. 

Results Unveiled

  • Data Visibility: Autopilot offered granular insights, segregating fees, and highlighting customer behaviors, critical for product development and ad campaigns.
  • Sales Uplift: Through automated listing optimization of just five products, daily revenues rocketed by 26%, from $3,400 to $4,300 
  • Daily Profit Opportunities: Currently, 24 alerts translate to a potential profit increase of $4.9k for the next month. This gamification ensures that every opportunity elevates revenues and profits daily, truly bridging data gaps.


For Brandi, Autopilot for Amazon is more than just a tool; it's an essential partner in her mission to transform children's education. From granular insights to strategic automations, Autopilot has been instrumental in preparing The Fidget Game for its next levels of scaling. 

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